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Exploding Places

    Exploding Places is a new outdoor mobile phone game set in Woolwich.

    Exploding Places takes you on a journey through time and space. You arrive in a fictional Woolwich, create your own community and place them in the real world Woolwich. You can interact with other players, join together and respond to conflict or difficulties in each other’s communities. The ultimate goal is to build a thriving community that grows
    and creates a new generation, based on health, wealth, knowledge, participation and your contribution to the game.

    Exploding Places is a real world SIM city or Monopoly, played live on the streets of Woolwich. You play on the phone screen and through headphones, as you walk the town’s real streets. Explore and discover Woolwich iin a new way, meet other players in both the real and fictional world of the game and experience the history and geography of Woolwich in a playful way.

    To find out more about this new game, go to:

    Come to the launch event and be the first to play!

    To play you must first register a place: call 020 8858 2825 or Email [email protected]