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Active Ingredient

    Active Ingredient are an arts company specialising in interactive media who are currently working with Stream to develop a mobile phone game that follows a historical timeline of the people and changes that have taken place in Woolwich over the last 150 years - as part of a playful interaction between places in Woolwich and the players themselves.

    Since 2005 they have created innovative projects that merge location, social networking, bio-sensing and play, and have researched into new uses of interactive video, since 1999. In 2000 they set up Moon Radio webTV, an artist-led live broadcast channel and in 2005 they set up MakeTV, that merged producers and audiences into a 48-hour live programme of web broadcast. Their continued work in this area involves an interdisciplinary approach to film and video, exploring interactive video on mobile devices, the internet, video in performance and artificial intelligence.

    Active Ingredient's blog about their work with Stream in Woolwich.