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Lottie Child

    Lottie Child is an artist based in London.

    Her work and research takes multiple forms, with themes including:
    - The body in and the politics of the urban built environment.
    - Learning styles especially kinaesthetic intelligence, play and integrating intellectual with physical intelligence.
    - Frameworks for self education and playful and critical uses of new technologies.
    - Risk in multiple senses including risk taking as a means of self-education.
    - Play – collective, non-goal oriented, engagements allowing all users to dictate the agenda and direction of activities

    "The ability to negotiate the multiplicity of forces at play in city streets – by making, and refraining from, spontaneous urban interventions, the ways in which we behave, may be the most effective personalised combination of artistic and political expression we will possess, and through my work – by exploring what survival skills we might need for the 21st century - I aim to make a contribution, in my own way, to furthering this conversation." Lottie Child