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Stream invites artists to work with us and to find new inspiration in the geographies, peoples and environments in which our projects are sited. We want to offer you a stimulating environment in which we can support the development of your practice.

We can offer you a sounding board for developing your ideas in a new context, support in developing the collaborative aspects of your work and support in promoting, exhibiting and distributing your work to new audiences.

What artists say about Stream

“Stream has given me so much space and freedom and totally get the process and what is required to reach a result from nothing.” Alinah Azadeh

““My proposal was slightly left field and Stream let me go with it- they had faith in it. Other places would have been a bit more paranoid – which means a lot of the time, projects with young people mean simply making little dramas about “the issues”……it’s exciting to do something different..” Erica Scourti

Recently we’ve worked with:

- Holy Mountain, a production company whose work is made in a spirit of exploration, collaboration and mirth, on Now Hear This, an audio project that used the art of conversation to explore and debate issues important to those living and working in East Greenwich, resulting in a radio broadcast piece with a strong sense of place, providing a snapshot of the area and its community.

- Active Ingredient, an arts company specialising in interactive media, who are currently working with Stream to develop a mobile phone game that follows a historical timeline of the people and changes that have taken place in Woolwich over the last 150 years - as part of a playful interaction between places in Woolwich and the players themselves.

- Lottie Child,an artist interested in notions of risk and play, who created Accidental Holiday, a guide book and guided walk, focusing on public space and resources and proposing playful ways to live and thrive inspired by feral plant and animal life. She collaborated with local residents and children from Millennium Primary School.

-Kerry Morrison, an artist interested in addressing ecological issues via live art, mixed media and new technologies, created a live installation, 100 Cauliflowers, on the riverfront by the O2. Kerry collaborated with the Ecology Park, local residents and local primary and secondary schools.

-Alinah Azadeh, an artist using both high end technology and hands on engagement with materials, created an interactive website , which explores our relationships to our mothers. She engaged in one to one conversations with mothers at the Robert Owen Early Years Centre setting up weaving workshops for small groups of women.

-Christian Nold, artist, teacher and cultural activist, uses bio-mapping tools and participatory methodologies to enable people to talk about their environment, locality and communal space. He created the Greenwich Emotion Map, an ordinance survey style printed map, with Greenwich residents who took walks across the Greenwich Peninsula with his bio-mapping devices.

Our commissions are posted on our website. If you’d like more information or to discuss an idea, please contact us.